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Now when my blog is growing a need for backup is growing. After a short google search I found exactly what I want, automysqlbackup.

It is a shell script that has very modest requirements list:

  • mysqldump, included in mysql client
  • gzip or bzip2 if you want it compressed.
  • mail if you want the status of the script to be emailed.


  • Backup mutiple MySQL databases with one script. (Now able to backup ALL databases on a server easily. no longer need to specify each database seperately)
  • Backup all databases to a single backup file or to a seperate directory and file for each database.
  • Automatically compress the backup files to save disk space using either gzip or bzip2 compression.
  • Can backup remote MySQL servers to a central server.
  • Runs automatically using cron or can be run manually.
  • Can e-mail the backup log to any specified e-mail address instead of “root”. (Great for hosted websites and databases).
  • Can email the compressed database backup files to the specified email address.
  • Can specify maximun size backup to email.
  • Can be set to run PRE and POST backup commands.
  • Choose which day of the week to run weekly backups.

Download it, modify some parameters and put in /etc/cron.daily and now your database is backuped.


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