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If you are thinking about upgrading your existing Nagios system to Nagios 3, take a look at op5 Monitor. op5 Monitor is a Network Monitor System for enterprise monitoring and its based on Nagios 3. op5 have bundled Nagios with other useful opensource projects such as nagiosgraph, smstools and hypermap and then further developed missing key features such as a web based configuration tool and improved reports for availability and SLA monitoring. The system is built to be easy to use and easy to administrate out of the box! It is the choice for enterprise network professionals that like Nagios but want a supported monitoring system.

What about the existing Nagios installation?
– It is possible to import existing Nagios configuration, as well as any custom built modules. So the work you put into your existing installation does not go to waste!
– You can continue developing you own PlugIns.
– You get access to all of the code.
– The installation of op5 Monitor is easy and fast (usually 1-2 days depending on size). You can choose to do the work by yourself or buy a “op5 Goodstart” service from op5 with remote or on site installation.


Three good reasons to add op5 Monitor to your existing Nagios installation:

1. Support – Perhaps the most important reason is our outstanding support and automated upgrades and patches to the system.

2. Ease of use – Nagios usually requires skilled IT technicians to use and administrate the system. But to really add value for the organization, the entire IT staff, the help desk etc. need to fully master the system and the changes and need to understand the data that is output. You need to be sure that an adequate number of people is able to run the system in case of sick leave or other absence. op5 Monitor is easy to use with web based configuration additionally to the traditional Nagios text configuration files.

3. Security – A fully functional Nagios install includes a large number of various open source projects with different licenses and libraries. Keeping track of, and ensuring that all of these programs are secure, up to date and fully documented is sometimes forgotten. We take the responsibility and do all the work to manage these issues. We continuously inform our users about bugs and security issues and patch the system making it easily upgradeable via yum.

Other reasons to choose op5 Monitor
– Easy to integrate with your helpdesk system.
Monitor your virtual servers, another specific op5 PlugIn that you get out of the box.
Advanced reports – we have developed a report module with several advanced SLA reports

op5 and Nagios
op5 is an active contributor to Nagios with a staff member in Nagios Enterprise Community Advisory Board. We contribute by sponsoring the project, contribute with code and fixes and patches. We also host the Nordic Nagios Meet, a annual conference focusing on Nagios.


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