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op5 is the leading provider of monitoring software in Europe. op5 uses Open Source and their monitoring services are now available in the Cloud via City Cloud, a cloud computing service from City Network. By introducing monitoring in a new business model, customers are now able to get professional monitoring in the Cloud which is both more cost-efficient and flexible.

By providing monitoring in the cloud op5 are able to give their existing customers an external solution to monitor their web based services, regardless if they are inside or outside the cloud. This gives the customer the ability to measure and control the user experience in a specific service. City Network also benefits from the introduction of op5 Cloud Monitor. The 500 customers using City Cloud can now create servers with the sole purpose of monitoring their virtual machines directly through the service provided by op5.

– The fact that op5 introduces their external monitoring services in the cloud using City Cloud is a great acknowledgment, not only for City Cloud but also for cloud computing in general. It´s the beginning of a new era where both small and enterprise companies can benefit from the cloud and services within the cloud says Johan Christenson, Chairman at City Cloud.

– Being the leading provider in any field means that you always need to be innovative both with your products and your business models. Providing our monitoring service in City Cloud is a natural step for us and creates great advantages for our customers. More flexible, installed and ready within 15 minutes and cost efficient are the key ingredients that we think makes this solution suitable for everyone in need of professional monitoring says Jan Josephson, CEO at op5.


About City Network
With more than 10 000 customers in Scandinavia City Network is one of the leading hosting providers in northern Europe. City Network is the only Scandinavian hosting provider to offer a full service menu of hosting related services such as shared hosting to dedicated servers to cloud computing. In addition City Network is a registrar of many top level domains and offer a full suite of domain services. Box Hosting,
onlinebackup.se is brands owned by City Network. Visit us at www.citycloud.eu for more information on City Cloud and www.citynetwork.eu for corporate information or www.citycloud.se for Scandinavian version of City Cloud.


About op5
op5 is a market leading developer of Open Source Management solutions develops and delivers open source based software for monitoring and administration of IT systems and networks. The solutions are built on open source code that op5 extends and markets and supports as complete systems. The main products are op5 Monitor, op5 Statistics and op5 LogServer. op5 has customers such as Aftonbladet, Volvo, SAAB, Max Matthiessen, Swedish Wetherservice (SMHI), CrossKey Banking, SAAB Industries, Bring City Mail, Channel 5 and Swedish Television (SVT), Swedish Customs and many other State authorities, local authorities and municipalities. op5 was established in 2003, has offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg and partners in several countries. op5 is owned by its founders and employees, Pod Venture Partners and KTH Chalmers Capital.

More information about op5 can be found at http://www.op5.com

For more information please contact:
Jan Josephson, CEO at op5 – jan.josephson@op5.com
Johan Christenson, Chairman at City Network Hosting AB – johan@citynetwork.se


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