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To make my computer to be able to use the 1-wire protocol I’m using OWFS. The packages to get it running on CentOS5 or RHEL5 can be found here. It has several options and I like the client-server model mainly because it is easy to use the 1-wire stuff in perl in his case.

To start the owfs server I put the following line in /etc/rc.local
/usr/sbin/owserver -u -C --usb_regulartime -p 3001

A good idea to browse the 1-wire bus is to use owhttp and a webbrowser. Start the owhttpd with
/usr/sbin/owhttpd -s localhost:3001 -p 12345
and use a webbrowser to cennect to http://the-host-that-is-running-owhttpd:12345

If you prefer to use files to communicate with the 1-wire bus start the owfs with
/usr/sbin/owfs -s localhost:3001 -m /1-wire

Now you can read the temperature by running
# cat /1-wire/10.DEF05F010800/temperature

So now I know that the outdoor temperature is 4.4 degrees Celcius.

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