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The new features include:

Support for 64bit OS

op5 Monitor 4.1 will support the 64bit versions of RedHat and CentOS.

New improved performance graphs

The new feature provides automatic graphing for all graphable performance data (based on pnp4Nagios). This means that you will get graphs for most of your hosts and services with no effort.

Smarter Navigation

Op5 have improved the navigation by making the integration  between the op5 Monitor gui and the configure tool tighter. Now op5 provide that by adding an icon next to each host and service that directs you to the configure page for that host or service, making the navigation easier and faster.

Brushing up the gui

Op5 have continued working with polishing the user interface. In the 4.1 release op5 have worked on the details making the user experience “smoother” with new icons and styles.

Buq squashing

Found bugs have been squashed, please see change log for more information.

Installation and Upgrade Notes

Op5 recommend users to upgrade from op5 Monitor 4.0.

Try op5 Monitor 4.1

You can download the software to try the new version.


For upgrading and installing version 4.1 of op5 Monitor please see the manual.


If you encounter any problems or have questions please don’t hesitate to contact op5 support:
Phone: +46 31 774 09 24
Mail: support@op5.com
Web: http://www.op5.com/support/

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