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I’ll attend this years Slackathlon in Stockholm. I hope I will see you there

Welcome to this years Slackathon!

It will be held August 15th, at the Stockholm University, though not in

the same conference room as the previous years, since it couldn’t hold

all visitors anymore!

As previous years, the website is slowly getting into shape, and

probably wont hold the complete “truth” until afterwards, since we

update it as we get more correct info. Be sure to check the web more

frequently as we get closer to the event.

The url is http://www.slackathon.se:2009/

The description still points to the old location, but I’ll spank some

sense into the web slaves so they make a better “how-to-get-here” that

actually shows you are going to “Hörsal B3” and not the old conference

room. We’ll put some blowfishes up to point people that come from the

subway station in the right direction.

This year, there will be even more OpenBSD developers attending, since

the Slackathon 2009 is right after the f2k9 Filesystem Hackathon which I

am hosting at my work using a grant from the IIS foundation (the guys

and gals running the .SE top level domain)

Also note, that since there doesn’t seem to be an OpenCon this year, the

Slackathon probably is the only major OpenBSD-only conference held, so

even if it collides with HAR2009 and the Stockholm “midnight run”, you

don’t want to miss it!

Get them begging skills warmed up and draw donations from friends,

employers, parents or other rich entities that you think should donate

to OpenBSD and OpenSSH! It would also be nice if you help spread the

word around on various forums and communities.

As with previous years there will be no entrance fee and dinner will be

served for free to everyone, but I’d still need you to pre-announce if

you want it so I can make the correct amount of food, and also if you

want the vegan version.

For all of you who don’t live nearby, we can probably find you a couch

to sleep on here, just send a heads-up and we’ll dig up a few

“volunteers” to share their living quarters with you.

Hope to see you all there!

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