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Next week, op5 will release the new Nagios GUI called Ninja. The license is GPL and several people has reported the GUI work perfectly well on vanilla Nagios. Ninja uses a database backend. Merlin, another op5 developed software feeds the Nagios information into the database.


  • op5 -OpenSource based management software company
  • Ninja– Nagios Is Now Just Awesome
  • Merlin – Module for Effortless Redundancy and Loadbalancing In Nagios
  • Try – Ninja GUI

Some screenshoots below:


 Geomap, based on google maps

geomap based in googlemaps




Tactical overview, with widgets that could be dragged and droppedtacticaloverview



Host details





Nagvis integration



4 Responses to “Ninja, the new Nagios GUI, preview”

  1. Gnutiken (gnutiken) 's status on Sunday, 13-Sep-09 15:50:58 UTC - Identi.ca Says:

    […] http://www.it-slav.net/blogs/2009/09/12/ninja-the-new-nagios-gui-preview/ a few seconds ago from web […]

  2. Jeremiah C. Foster Says:

    Umm, wow. That is pretty amazing. Look forward to testing that.

  3. ekenk Says:


    I am interested to ninja.
    Could you send me an email how to configure the merlin and the ninja in ubuntu ?

    Now i’m using ubuntu 9.04 and nagios 3.2.0


  4. peter Says:

    No, but I think you should read the documentation at http://www.op5.org/community/projects/ninja and follow the op5-users mailinglist.


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