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I have used Digisip as SIP VoIP provider for several years. It has been working very well until Skycom bought Bredband2 and Digisip. After that it has been very problematic:

  • Without any information my Asterisk could not register anymore. After discussion with Bredband2 support they activated my account again after a week. According to Bredband2 this was not a disturbance in their service, it was regular maintenance. It is a policy to only compensate service problems.

  • Bredband2 has several times shutdown my ability to call out. Every time they claim that I have no money left. After asking them to recheck they find my money and open my possibilty to call again.
  • Before Bredban2 and Digisip join, I got an email with my account status every month. Today I have to send an email to the support to ask and the only info I get is how much money I have not used. No specification at all.

The webpage http://www.digisip.se, redirect to this page in swedish. It claims that service is much better when Bredband2 and Digisip has joined and refer to the support if you want to know account balance and so on, during the period until everything is working again. This page has been there for several months.

I have asked several times to get my money back and end my account. But Bredband2 refuse and claims that the lack of availability is regular maintenance.

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  1. Phook_BB2 Says:

    The reason why this happen, it’s very simple. Digisip had the best and cheapest VOIP in Sweden, 79 skr per months, flate rate, two simutaneous lines and no call opening tax, so with 79 skr /month you could talk 24 hours/day two simultaneously calls.
    I’m sure that Skycom want to ride off of all those who have this type of subscription. In the mean time, Bredband2 , who is also bought by Skycom has this kind of subscription

    Bredband2 Telefoni
    krMånadskostnad:0,00 kr
    Startavgift 0 kr
    Abonnemangsavgift 0 kr*
    Öppningsavgift 45 öre
    Sverigesamtal 15 öre/min dygnet runt
    Till Bredband2s Telefonikunder 0 kr/min dygnet runt
    Mobilsamtal 1,49 kr/min dygnet runt
    Utlandssamtal Se prislista
    Uppsägningstid 1 kalendermånad
    * Minimidebitering 69 kr/mån (som du får ringa för)

    They claim that the subscription is 0 ske/month but in fact it is 69skr/month, but you can talk all this money and this mean two conversation of 6 minutes every day. 😉 Digisip was a little better, or was it not?

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