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An email sent to op5-users from op5s CTO, Peter Östlin.


Hi All,
The op5 devel team has been kind of quiet on the list lately. The
reason for this is that we have been working very hard to complete the
next release of Merlin and Ninja. The result of this will be the
release of op5 Monitor 5.0 scheduled for public availability April 13.
In this release Merlin and Ninja will be version 1.0 which mean all
our customers and users will benefit from production quality tools.

Compared to the currently released versions, Merlin v0.6.6 and Ninja
v0.3.6, the release include for example:
  • Implementation of the missing Nagios cgi’s. (showlog, history,trends, notifications etc)
  • Include Avail/SLA reports in Ninja  (Avail reports are an improved version of the Nagios avail reports and SLA is a new report type)
  • Lots of bugfixes
The schedule for the release of op5 Monitor 5.0 (as well as Merlin 1.0
and Ninja 1.0) is as follow:
2010-02-26 – Beta release
2010-03-12 – Release candidate 1
2010-03-26 – Stable release is tagged and build
2010-04-13 – op5 Monitor 5.0 General Availability
As always, this is a plan and might change slightly. There might be
need for extra beta/rc builds for example. We will keep you posted
regarding the progress.
Peter Östlin
op5 AB



  • Ninja, Nagios Is Now Just Awesome
  • Merlin, Module for Endless Redundacy and Loadbalancing In Nagios
  • op5, a company with enterprise network- and systems management based on OpenSource.

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  1. duncan Says:

    For anyone who’s interested in getting Ninja up and running, check out http://abigant.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/nagios-with-ninja-and-geomap/

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