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I have registred me to attend the open Splunk event in Stockholm. Within 24 hours I got an email telling that they do not want competitors at the event and would like to discuss the purpose of me attending.

I called the Splunk representative and told him that op5 thinks Splunk is a competitor in some cases and in some cases we have products that run in parallel at customer sites. We want to integrate op5 Monitor with Splunk because we have got the question a couple of times from customers and potential customers. My intention of attending the meeting is to get a better understanding of Splunk so op5 can integrate our products, so our customers get the products that suits them best. If Splunk wants to be part of the integration, the better.

The Splunk representative still do not want me to attend. At Splunk they will discuss this matter internally but so far, this is their view.


I would really like to make a parallel with another op5 competitor, Würth, at their event they invited op5 as key speaker and I really recommend Splunk to reconsider their decision.

6 Responses to “Splunk are not open”

  1. Hyperlord Says:


    any news regarding this?

    Kind regards,

  2. John Mark Says:

    Our sincerest apologies – that is not the way Splunk normally does things. I don’t know what happened here, but I’d like to discuss this with you and the people putting on the event. Please contact me so we can resolve this.

    John Mark Walker
    Splunk Community Guy

  3. peter Says:

    Hi John,

    I’ll send you an email with the contact information to the person at Splunk that contacted me and did not want me to attend at the Splunk event.
    Maybe he has another view of what has happend:-)

    Peter Andersson

  4. peter Says:

    Now I did get a message from John telling me that Splunk has had an internal discussion and still do not want me to attend.

    If Splunk wants to clarify their view here, please post a comment.

    An It-Slave in the digital saltmine

  5. Tim Long Says:

    If you are looking to work with Splunk alternatives or competitor try reahing out to XpoLog they are much nicerand will probably be happy to work with you try http://www.xpolog.com. We did some application management integration with them and they were helpful straight forward without community guy trying to fix the actual reality… 😉

  6. ijusttestingbabe Says:


    Nice post, thank you!!…

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