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After waiting for the Hummingbird release for the LaFonera 2.0G a long time and discussed with the Fon support team when 3G dongles will work, I gave up and installed OpenWRT on my LaFonera 2.0G router.


I’m sorry FON, you have a cool idea and nice routers but your unlogical approach to the users and communtity, finally got me to install plain OpenWRT instead.



After alot of googling and testing and downloading, reading and so on, I finally run into a guide that worked for me.

Most of the descriptions and howto assumes that the RedBoot will accept to download a new firmware via TFTP, this is true with the early releases of 2.0G , but the one sold now do not have this feature.

The trick is to install a firmware that allows changing the RedBoot partition of the memory, change the RedBoot parttion and install OpenWRT via TFTP.


The guide is unfortunatly in French, but google translate helped me to translate it to English.

The pitfalls I run into is to reboot the device several timesafter installing the hacked version of FON firmware: FON2202_2.2.5.0_Flipper_RedBootC_VoteGOP.image

The only difference is that I used a later version of OpenWRT. I used Backfire 10.03 instead of Kamikaze 8.9.1

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