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I've already got a female to worry about. Her name is the Enterprise.
-- Kirk, "The Corbomite Maneuver", stardate 1514.0

After a couple of weeks fiddeling I can prodly announce that my new internet connection is in full use. The new access speed is 100 Mbit/s optical fiber, iperf tests show that I can get approx 97 Mbit/s in booth directions. Changes: 100 Mbit/s internet access provided by Ownit Updated firewall to OpenBSD 5.0 running […]

Background I have a long time looked at Telldus Tellstick that can control wall-plug socket recievers and other devices. Finally I got my hands on one that my collegue wanted to sell. This article will describe how to get it up and running on a x86_64 CentOS 6 box, the procedure would be the same on […]

Background As a monitoring fanatic, I think that have mirrored disk without monitor the mirror is worse then not have a redundant disk system at all. If you think that you are safe and you are not, is worse then be aware of a risk and calculate with it. This article will describe how I did monitoring […]

Background My old NAS built on top of CentOS has some performence issues and the disks are quit old now. The hardware is leftovers that is approx 8 years old and not highend at that time either. The disks age has worried my for a time and I would like to have higher redunduncy with […]

Monitor the cloud with nagios or op5 monitor.

To be able to administrate my OpenWRT router from Internet I need to open the ssh port on the Wan interface.   It is real simple, just add to following to /etc/config/firewall: #open ssh on wan interface config rule                        option src              wan         option dest_port        22         option target           ACCEPT             option proto            tcp  And restart […]

Background After struggeling with my Linksys WRT-160NL to get OpenWRT stable I finally gave up. It ended upp with DD-WRT instead. Unfortunatly DD-WRT do not have the functionality I want like: -rndis device so I could use my Android phone to connect to Internet -1-wire device support -Nagios agent The solution was to buy another device where OpenWRT support […]

Presenting collected Nagios data has been cumbersome. But now with op5 added funtionality, storing the data in a database makes it much easier. Morten Bekkelund has created a nice dashboard typically used in NOCs. The dashboard has been modified and improved by the community and an example can be seen at op5 sandbox dashboard and […]


  As everybody knows, the answer is 42. Today is the date 101010, translate that binary number to decimal, you get 42.

When there is summer and Scandinavia closes down it is hard to be a geek. Everybody, including me, moves out to small cottages in the forrest where 3G coverage is bad which gives low bandwidth a new meaning.    I have found one way of still doing geeky things combined with vacation. That is update […]

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