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I've already got a female to worry about. Her name is the Enterprise.
-- Kirk, "The Corbomite Maneuver", stardate 1514.0

In some cases the "Normal" way of running checks does not work, passive checks might do the job. I have a script the runs every night that backup my MySQL database. If this script fails I would like op5 Monitor or Nagios to send a notification. An active check will not work in this case […]

op5 community is growing and this scripts and definitions comes from Mikael Schmidt, IXX. I will do a step-by-step guide to get it running, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me peter@it-slav.net or write a comment to this blog. This description is op5 Statistics centric, however op5 Statistics is based on […]


If you think Nagios got everything you need except nice reports. op5 Monitor has the solution to this issue. op5 have customers that are using op5 Monitor just for the reporting part and using other tools for monitoring. op5 has put alot of resources into reporting because that is the feedback we got from our […]


After succefully get your 1-wire bus working with OWFS and been able to read the temperatures, it is time to create some nice graphs. The red line is the temperature and the blue is the sliding avarage temperature the last 24 hours. I’m using RRDTools to store the data and create the graphs. If you […]


I do not like spam. This a problem that grows and there are many technologies how to fight it. As I’m the sysadmin of my mailserver it makes it possible to use many approaches. The best way is to find out if it is a spam before it is accepted at the SMTP server. I’m […]

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